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Irish Steel (IASF) Membership - Industry Partner Members

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to helping our members build more resilient and successful businesses by bringing industry stakeholders together to share knowledge and use their collective experiences for good during the time that we set the seeds for collaborative mindsets to become the daily norm amongst all members of our industry & community.

Vision Statement

To deliver outstanding programmes and services to our membership, resulting in competitive advantages and industry excellence within member businesses in the metal fabrication and manufacturing community across the island of Ireland.

Why we exist

Irish Steel exists to bring together the members that we represent - manufacturers, fabricators, installers, raw material suppliers, product & service suppliers and consultants. We are well advanced with creating a close-knit, well-informed, all-island network for the metal fabrication & manufacturing industry and we’ll continue to do this by getting more and more like-minded people together on a regular basis to share valuable information and experiences with each other.

Every single thing we do is aimed at helping members grow their bottom line profits and improve their results. This can be either by reducing costs and waste and / or by increasing income (this is true for fabricator-members and industry partner-members alike!).
We place a high value on facilitating knowledge sharing that leads to an improvement in
skills, performance, profits, income, etc.

What we do

We promote professionalism, innovation, continuous improvements in training & quality and we are very keen to ensure Health & Safety is at the forefront of every member’s mind. We encourage the implementation and constant refinement of effective management systems
and operations systems and we encourage compliance with standards.

We deliver industry-relevant training courses for our members to enhance their team’s management and operational skillsets and we also offer industry-specific guidance, support, and assistance through a number of channels.

We have assembled a team to assist our members on their journey to success, no matter what stage in the business lifecycle they are at. Our seasoned experts can help with matters from gaining accreditations to reducing risks to decision-making for solving problems to
growing and developing businesses and so on.

Why Join Irish Steel?

Our fabricator-membership has swelled in number since our founder, Pat Enright started the Association back in 2015. Over that time, we have become the trusted source in Ireland for advice and guidance in the world of metal fabrication.

We’re working on a rolling out a new and improved membership experience for the fabricator-members. As part of that, we will be putting our Industry Partner members out there, front and centre at the new events that are being planned and finalised by a specialist team that we have partnered with.

We’ll be launching a new website and members-only app before the end of the year that will contain lots of interesting, relevant and valuable information.

We will be encouraging all of our Industry Partner members to take advantage of the promotional / sponsorship & advertising opportunities (e.g., advertising campaigns in our publications, on our app and on our website - additional fees will apply).

On the back of our very successful 2023 Awards ceremony where, for the first time in Ireland, we brought many metal-industry leaders together, we will continue to create and facilitate lots more new networking / sponsorship / advertising opportunities for industry partner-members to connect with and get close to industry-leading fabricators.

These will include bi-monthly regional sessions, training events, Awards & Gala Night and so on, during 2024.
We want to help fabricator-members to showcase their skills and technologies in our community so the regional events will be hosted by fabricators in different workshops around the country.

Achieving our objectives will help to facilitate an increase in your sales as you become a familiar name / face and one of the go-to businesses in the fabrication and manufacturing community!

Join Irish Steel today and make your lead-generation activities more effective …quickly!

Networking and Training Events

Industry Partner Members will get opportunities to connect with fabrication industry leaders and colleagues through our soon-to-be-introduced regional briefing sessions that will be held in different fabricator’s workshops throughout the country.

We hold regular training events that deal with relevant topics, and you will get many opportunities to promote your business including becoming a sponsor at our Annual Irish Steel Awards & Gala Night held every year in October.

Visibility Opportunities

Industry Partner members can boost their visibility with prominent use of the Irish Steel Member Certificate and membership badge.

New Membership Experience

We’re building a new and improved membership experience to help you stay ahead in the industry. We’ll have a new online portal later in the year, containing valuable information.

Creating a Close-Knit Network

Our objective is to create a close-knit, well-informed all-island network of fabricators, suppliers, consultants, and service providers to the metal fabrication industry sector
by getting like-minded people together to share valuable information on a regular basis.

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Industry Partner Annual Membership Rates

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Consulting & software:

Business support in areas including design, structural engineering, detailing, project planning, quality control, H&S, HR, accounting / bookkeeping, management Information Systems, training, etc

Business growth, marketing, commercial / contractual (QS), estimating, dispute resolution, strategic planning and other business-related consulting, etc

Indirect production support in areas including compliance, certification, testing, quality management, environmental, software for design & production, process / systems design / implementation / support, etc



Handheld / small tools, workshop & site consumables, PPE, equipment repair & maintenance services, transport services, etc.


Materials including metal, fixings, paint, cladding, glass, fittings, fuel / gas, etc


Production machinery / equipment, production systems, finance services, insurance services

Price per year: €1,250.00
Price per year: €1,500.00
Price per year: €1,800.00
Price per year: €2,400.00

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